Navigating the Weeds

Homesteading has become a trendy word for many people who are seeking a simpler and healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. I grew up in southwest Virginia with a father who grew his own vegetables, hunted, and maintained a happy flock of chickens all the while making it seem effortless. My father passed away last November and my mother and I inherited his “homestead”. We quickly came to realize that although we might have helped out now and then, we were grossly unprepared for all the many tasks it takes to maintain even a small working homestead. The past six months has been a lesson chalked full of frustration, empowerment, hilarity, and yes success. The two of us, along with our trusty sidekick Lily the dachshund, are committed to learning, laughing, and making sure our dad’s life labors will live on. Join us here as we share our triumphs, our failures, and the lessons that only the old-timers here in the Virginia hills can teach. Homesteading may lead to a life led simply but you’re going to get there with a lot of sweat! Come along with us for the ride!20170220_160138


4 thoughts on “Navigating the Weeds

  1. I remember the days on my homestead with great fondness, but I know I could not manage the continual, non-stop workload that it requires. Best of luck. What a lovely way to honor your father.

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  2. Homesteading is a lot of work, we’re only just starting out, and starting small so that we can grow with our homestead. I can only imagine the huge undertaking it would be to jump into homesteading with both feet when it’s already established, and you have to keep it going, learning on the fly. Best of luck to you ladies, and of course, Lily. I can’t wait to hear more of your story.
    – Christine


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